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old, camera, toriwestcreative, photography, tori, west, creative, vintage, rustic, photos, speedlights, snoot

portrait, kenzie, gulley, dramatic, emotion, black and white, speedlight

These are some of my favorite photos taken. I love the lighting on the cameras and the dark backgrounds. Theses photos were all take in a class room with no backgrounds. I really love taking pictures of old vintage Cameras and I really wanted to bring a rustic effect to it. For all these pictures I used a higher shutter speed and aperture to decrease the amount of light in the background. I then used a snoot speedlight with a modifier to capture just the object and not the background by pointing it to wherever the subject was. I then added a matte effect on the first and third picture for a different look. For the third picture I had my subject (kenzie gulley) put her hands on her face in creative ways to get a very dramatic emotional feel.

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