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For my creative composition I wanted to add some texture to a portrait photo I took of the person above. In order to get the first shot I put my subject (kenzie Gulley) in front of a window during mid day and used a speedlight and a reflector to light up her face. I really liked how the light lit up her collar bones and highlighted her cheeks. As shown above you can see the set up shot and how we had the subject hold the reflector and then put the speed light right in front of her so there were no shadows. The in photoshop I softened up her face and just made touch ups to make sure the background was completely white. I then added that glass texture I took of a broken car window and put it on top of the portrait picture. I used a soft light blending mode and took away parts I didn’t want. I then added the same picture again to get the texture in the background. It produced a really neat blended image.

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