This Movie poster was a lot of fun to make. When choosing a certain movie poster I wanted to either do horror or a scary movie since those are my favorite types of movies. For the picture of myself I used a black background and one speedlight to hide my face. I then went out into a field and took a picture of my brother pretending to hold a flash light. It was broad daylight so the sky didn’t have any clouds. So in photoshop I photoshopped some clouds in and photoshopped a farmhouse in from the internet. After putting all the images together I added a glow on the flashlight to make it look like he was shinning a light.  I then added text and some random logos I made. I added a grunge texture to blend the text with the poster a little more. I then added a little red mist using the brush tool on the top of the movie poster to make it more identical to the original poster.

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