Motion Photography can be really fun and a really cool experience if you have the right settings and lighting. There are a few types of  motion photography ideas. You could make it look like the motion is blurred or the motion is frozen in time. In the next few pictures I will explain how to create these types of motion photography.


This is a picture of blurred sugar falling on cereal.  In order to get blurred motion you want to go through a few steps.

Step 1:  Put your camera on a tripod and level and aim it at your subject in the way you want.

Step 2: Change your setting so that you have a low shutter speed. Probably around a 5 second shutter speed is what your going to want. Adjust it according to the kind of image you want.

Step 3: Make sure your lighting is good. If you are outside its going to be very bring since your shutter is open for longer so you may want to use a filter to get rid of extra light.



For the picture above we used a smoke bomb to get the cool misty blue effect above. To be honest I didn’t get the exact picture I wanted because I waited to long to take the picture. In smoke bomb photography which is Freeze motion, you don’t need a tripod. There are a few steps to get a good picture though.

Step one- Have an extra person that can go across the subject with your smoke bomb.

Step Two- Try to make it so that your smoke bomb is not in front of your subjects face unless that’s what your going for but you can get cool photos when its around the subject.

Step Three- Shutter speed at 1/200 for a freeze motion affect. Get  any lights if needed.

Step Four- Take the shot and have fun with it!



The picture above is  freeze motion affect of water being sprayed onto a soda bottle. This one was more challenging to get because of trying to figure out the right lighting. In order to get that freeze effect you need to make sure you set up lights to get those water spots in the air. Follow these steps below to get a good picture.

Step one- Get 1-2 spray bottles and get another person to spray the bottle while you take the picture

Step Two- Get a black background or whatever color background you want that make it easy for you to get the water spray in the picture.

Step Three- Ste up lights. For this shoot we were outside with 4 lights on it. 2 lights facing the front of the bottle on the left and right and 2 lights on the back of the water bottle on the left and right.

Step Four- Have your helper person spray the water on the bottle while you take various photos and keep shooting until you find the perfect shot.


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